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GIZMO GABS! 2018 Chicago Marathon Training - THE WEEKLY TRAINING BLOG IS BACK!!


Hey Everyone!


Gizmo is back! Yes, as you all know I am running my 3rd Chicago Marathon this October. While I didn't document much last year when I was running my 2nd, I have been asked from a lot of people to share my training experience this year in real time. I will be talking about running, training, nutrition and even the mental/emotional roller coaster that marathons are made of. Unlike 2 years ago, where it was one blog per issue, I will blog weekly about the previous week's training and how things went.

Also unlike past years, I won't be posting times or pace from my training runs, just distance. I have often put a lot of pressure on myself to perform my training runs at a pace that isn't exactly healthy for me, thus always resulting in injury and fatigue.

I feel that the more I can take off myself on a mental and emotional level, the better I will feel getting to the starting line. Most people think that getting to the finish is hard...I think the journey to the starting line is a whole lot more grueling on every level possible.

Not only will those of you that have thought about running a longer race gain information and first hand insight, I will get to vent and release any emotions I am feeling throughout the process and be able to feel more grounded.

I hope you guys stick with me for the next 15 weeks and ultimately see me through to the finish line on October 7, 2018!

Talk to you guys next week! Time for my 3 mile run today!


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