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GIZMO GABS! WEEK #6 Recap! (August 13-August 19, 2018) - 2018 Chicago Marathon Training!

Having my own BAYWATCH moment!!! Priyanka Chopra has nothing on me! ;)



Ok, after a crazy couple of weeks emotionally, I was ready to attack this week more core and weight training. I decided to make sure that I have a daily 300 core reps in addition to anything else I do...except long run days. I also changed my strength training structure as the 300 daily reps were getting too easy and boring. I increased my exercises to 6 different types from 5, increased reps from 12 to 15 and changed the number of cycles from to 6...which makes 450 reps! It kicked my butt this week...just those little changes can totally confuse your muscles and they realize they need to keep up! :)

Here are my non-run day workouts for WEEK #6:

MONDAY: 450 Reps - Weight Core...yeah, it's exactly what it sounds like...core/ab work with weights! I killed two birds with one weight! HAHA! Wow...that was so bad. However, extremely effective and time saving to be able to not only work my abs/core but to also resistance/weight train at the same time!

TUESDAY: 450 Reps again! - This time I went good old-fashioned LEG DAY on machine weights. I must admit, when it comes to leg day during marathon season, I always revert back to machine weight exercises. I get some kind of old school vindication that I am doing something right. Marathon training isn't just about the long runs, you need to condition your leg muscles and build strength and endurance through the week to get a stronger long run and improve your pace.

WEDNESDAY: Since Brian wasn't here and my schedule was all messed up, I just stuck to my 300 daily ab reps and then had an afternoon stretch and recovery session with my massage therapist, Jack. He is my savior right now! I postponed my mid-week 3 mile run to Thursday afternoon.

FRIDAY: Since my long run was scheduled for Sunday, I did my usual 2-mile run.

I was getting bored of dumbbells, so I decided to do 300 weight reps with weight plates superset with 300 TRX core/ab reps. I actually had a lot of fun switching up my equipment, I needed that refreshing change!

NOW the fun part...MY RUNS OF THE WEEK!

THURSDAY: I pushed my run to Thursday, in the heat and humidity. That was a brilliant idea...anyways, it was not my favorite run and I probably sweated out 4 days of electrolytes!

SUNDAY: 10 MILER DAY! I don't know why I keep waking up nervous before every long run. At this point, it's really just a norm, right? Oh well, at least the weather was slightly cooler, but the humidity was still high and caused some breathing issues. Nonetheless, remember that leg day I had above? I totally saw some of those results during this run because I changed my gait and noticed how much stronger and longer I could run at a sprint form, versus the long distance "shuffle". I think those tempo runs are definitely starting to pay off. I also practiced a walk/run strategy towards the back end of my run to see how much it would affect my pace as a whole. It only made a 12 second diff per mile, which is nothing and I like the idea of having a backup strategy for race day. Although I am not chasing pace during training I will say that this week's run was 30 seconds FASTER per mile than last week! YES!!!!!

I ended my run right into Lake Michigan for some hydrotherapy! :)


This week I had a great balance of protein, carbs, salt and a healthy dose of veggies. I continued my "Breakfast Quinoa of the Week" series and went Italian! It was so good and different! I focused a little more this week on snacks as well, smaller meals between lunch and dinner, when I was abnormally hungry from all the extra calories burned from the increase in strength training. Gotta love that calorie burn delay!

Meals of the week included and pictured are:

1. Breakfast Quinoa of the Week - Italian! (Cannellini Beans, Spicy Italian Sausage, Red Pepper, Orange Pepper, Basil, Parsley, Lemon Zest/Juice, Red Wine Vinegar & Lemon Olive Oil)

2. Country Ham Salad on Cucumber, Country Ham Salad, Avocado Crostini

3. Lemon Ricotta, Soppressata, Pickled Cauliflower, Piquillo Pepper Crostini

4. Garlic and Herb Grilled Spatchcock Chicken with Warm Summer Corn, Chard and Orange Pepper Salad (Made great leftovers all week!)

5. Blonde Puttanesca - Linguine with Arugula, Italian Tuna & Capers (SOOOOO GOOD! and such a good carb loading option on Saturday!

6. Ended the week on local favorites: Pre-run carb loading lunch with a Caprese Sandwich with Pepperoni from my fave place J.P Graziano's and then post-run breakfast skillet at my fave diner, Palace Grill :) Both located in the heart of the West Loop in Chicago!


Week #6 was a great welcome back from the last 2 weeks of crazy! I amped up my cross-training this week to challenge myself and build more strength. In turn, I ended up running a faster 10 miler than last week! Sometimes, just a small shift in mindset and training adjustments can create small victories. Paying attention to my body, knowing that I am hungry more often than before because of those training adjustments, I altered more of what I ate and more importantly, WHEN I ate.

Marathon training is a long process, being that I am in the middle of it now, some days are hard to talk yourself through. You have to look at every run as an accomplishment and every progress point a victory. I noticed my hard work this week paid off on Sunday, but that's where I leave it...on Sunday. I have 12 miles next week, there's no telling how those 2 additional miles will affect my pace, endurance or just even my mental process. At this moment, it's back to the drawing board to see what I can do this week to conquer my next victim...MILE 12! 😈😈😈😈😈😈

For those of you that are new to RB FIT and my blog, I am running the Chicago Marathon 2018 for the same charity as in previous years, The Chicago Diabetes Project - Cellmates on the Run Foundation! Click on the link below for more information, race updates and donations! Every dollar counts, help us find a cure!

See you guys next week!


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