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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the brand new shiny, RB FIT! I am ecstatic about every aspect of this ingrained new venture of mine. I say that because I finally found a place to put my passion for food, expertise about nutrition and my love for fitness to thrive!

I have worked hard for the last year getting certified through NASM for Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition. After passing both exams, it was time to figure out how I was going to make this work without losing the integrity of the brand I had already created. It was a very grueling, self defeating at times, process that led me to RB FIT. The name came easy, the purpose was all over the I train? Do I meal plan? Do I cook still? Can I really do it all? Is is too much to ask?

After a chat with some wise mentors, I was stuck answering the question...what is my ultimate goal? What do I want to be the best at? What do I want to be known for?

My answer changed every day. My answer changed with every inquiry, challenge or client. I knew that what I was doing was good, but what exactly was I doing it for?

When I started to see my efforts to help my clients lose weight and/or achieve their own fitness goals, I learned quickly how much I could relate as I was in their exact shoes not long ago. That was my first discovery as to what I wanted, to COACH someone else through their own EVOLUTION, as I had been through myself with my trainer. That also meant it didn't mean I had to ONLY train or ONLY meal plan, it didn't matter as long as I helped my client EVOLVE and achieve their goals.

Since that day, I have worked hard to come up with my own identity through social media gaining the trust, admiration and hearts of my followers...not to mention appetites. Now, last week, I officially launched this new website that has been everything I have been trying to create for years. They always say the pieces fall into place when it's meant to be. :)

Now, this also means, I have a new platform to connect with you all through new blogs, recipes of the week either from me or showcasing another amazing chef, weekly health tips and also workout videos of the week from people that help me become a better coach and athlete. Maybe one day, I'll post a workout video of my own that actually instructs, not just demonstrates....SOME DAY ;)

Aside from the personal coaching aspect of my RB FIT, I have a ton of things lined up in the pipeline for 2018, ready to blow this year wide open for opportunities to meetup, workout and talk to me about your own journey. Currently I am working on REBOOT, my new outdoor boot camp in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Boxing and Beer events with local breweries and even Bloody Boot Camp on weekends just in time for brunch! :)

Sign up and stick with me for more exciting announcements coming soon!

Thank you all again for the support and love through the process, I can't wait for you to see what I have in store!


Me :)

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