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RB RAMBLES - 4/18/18 - BLOG #2 - GIZMO 3.0!!!, HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Ok Folks! Gizmo is at is again! Yes, I am really running my 3rd consecutive Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2018! Some of you are really happy for me and excited, some of you are groaning with a "Why?" and some of you could care the last 1/3 all are dismissed.

Now, why am I running again? Why not? I have a PR to obtain! I want to make my 3rd time my charm. My first year was special because I had no expectations, I just wanted to finish, as I wasn't even sure if I could even mentally get myself to finish 26.2 miles. Bananas and all, it was the most exhilarating experience I have ever had. For those of you asking about the bananas...I slipped and fell on a rogue banana peel about Mile 22 in, I am not a cartoon and I wish I was joking. That slip caused me to take a lengthy break from the race to loosen up my hamstring...nonetheless I still finished my 1st marathon ever!

So, year 2, last year...I was so focused on doing exactly what I did from my first year, right down to the meals and what I wore...the relentless heat on race day changed the whole mental set I had going into the was about finishing, not getting my PR. Even so, knowing that race course now, seeing my friends and family and watching the city come together, still made year 2 an incredible experience even though by Mile 23 it hurt to run and hurt to walk...crawling would have been a more appropriate approach!

This year, I am on the war path to get that PR, but I have a whole new approach to training as I have been working hard on my leg strength during the off season to create more power and endurance for those long runs. Also, injury prevention has been a huge factor for me as the last 2 years I have limped away with IT Band Syndrome and the worst calf cramping I've ever experienced. I have changed my running schedules and have started to train sooner than I did the past 2 years. I am working on getting my legs back and then I will work on increasing my speed. My last few runs have been slower, but they are getting better and better each run. I haven't decided if I am going to do a run/walk pace again, as I am not sure if it attributed to my injuries. However, I did learn last year that I can power walk like a soccer mom on a mission! LOL! Not to stereotype, but you ladies can plow through a brick wall with that power walk!

I am excited this year to start early in terms of training and in terms of fundraising!

Just like the last 2 years, I am running with Cellmates on the Run, who represent the Chicago Diabetes Project. This group of people are some of the most dedicated individuals I know, which makes my decision to run for them so much easier. Dr. Oberholzer and his team bring individuals together to achieve a common goal: cure diabetes. When you support the CDP, you’ll be raising money to advance diabetes research and a functional cure through islet cell transplants. Together, every mile brings them closer to a functional cure for diabetes. To date we have raised over $1 million to fund life-changing diabetes research. With your help, we’ll be 26.2 miles closer to a cure!! As a bonus, Dr. Oberholzer doesn't just preach, he goes out there and runs those same 26.2 miles you will be supporting me for, he's a few corrals in front of me, but hey, we all work together to cross the finish line together!

Over the next 6 months, I will post updates here and on my fundraising page (

letting you know how training is going, fundraising events from RB FIT for CDP and pretty much anything that I feel like sharing about the road to that starting line!

Please check out my fundraising page, bookmark it and SHARE IT!! Any dollar amount helps us get closer to the finish!

Thank you, guys, for all your support and I can't wait to see more of it this year!

For now...

GIZMO, out!

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